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    About Us

    Established in 2014, Jining Changsheng New Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Wenshang County of Jining City in Shandong Province. The Wenshang County Chemical Industrial Park where our company is situated is the first batch of chemical parks recognized by the People’s Government of Shandong Province. Thus we enjoy sound development situation in the park. Our company is adjacent to Jixu Expressway, Ridong Expressway and Jihe Expressway, as well as the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal in the west and Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway in the east, therefore our company enjoys developed transportation is and superior geographical position. Our company has built a 50,000 t/a of heavy benzene deep-processing project, which uses heavy benzene as raw materials to produce naphthalene, methyl naphthalene, light oil, indene distillate, C9 and heavy oil, which are widely used in chemicals, building materials, light Industry and other fields and are well sold in all parts of China. Our company achieved the listing and trading in Qilu Equity Exchange Center in 2019.

    Our company has always been adhering to the corporate development concept of "to control from a distance, concentrating on winning", and earnestly practicing the business policy of "concentration, innovation, and integrity"; through intensifying technological research and development, strengthening safety, environmental protection and quality management, we have honest business and strive to make progresses, thus our company won the honorary title of "Advanced Enterprise in Safety Production" for several times. In particular, our company has strengthened environmental management with a high sense of responsibility. Our company has been assessed as an "green benchmarking enterprise in the seasons of autumn and winter" for two consecutive years, and has been approved that our production is not limited or reduced during the green control period in autumn and winter or the emergency response period to heavy pollution, therefore we are able to severe continuous and stable supply under the severe environmental supervision situation.

    Our company is committed to being a reliable and professional chemical enterprise in the coal chemical industry, and will continue to provide excellent service for you with more stringent product quality and higher self-requirements. We sincerely look forward to working with you to create a brilliant future!